Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hotels Best Deals - 7star ReservationAZ Lavishly and Cosmopolitan Style!

Hotels best deals, when reviewing their benefits.. often stop at the
wrong part of the beat, leaving you uncomfortably suspended mid air,
and robbing you of the thrill and enjoyment it is undeniably supposed 
to be.

This is not what we were basically meant to go for, as Gibran said,
"The entire object of life is to appreciate beauty!" And the list is
endless when you just ponder the myriad and plentiful faces of
enduring beauty.

Is travel all misery, hassle and trouble without end? Let's see.
If living in UK, would you opt for, as a standard diet all day, and for
a complete month.. nothing but Steak and Kidney Pie alone? Or, would
you also elect to have Fish and Chips, Roast Beef, or Baked Beans on
Toast, etc?

If in Germany, would you do the same with Goulasch and nothing else..
or, go for Wiener Schnitzel, Leipziger Allerlei, Erbsensuppe, or
Hohnerfrikasse, etc? 
If in Japan, would you also do the same with Sushi and nothing else..
or, go for Tempura, Shabu-shabu, Ramen, or Yakitori, etc? And on
and on.. of fabulous and succulent worldwide cuisine!

What is missing are the lofty meanings of: Are you living the life of
your dreams? Live your adventure.. Find your voice.. Follow your heart..
Ignite your passion.. Live your adventure like a great escape artist..
should occupy their highly placed and lawful position in our dictionary.

When reviewing the worth of hotels best deals, one should not stop at
the arithmetic's of monetary pluses and minuses.. that travelers often
get addicted to. Some consider it a piece of hell, having to put up
with what they call, 'travel hassle'. That is a short-sighted view of
it all, turning the fun and excitement of that adventure into the
practice of wearing straight jackets!

On Hotels Best Deals, Mark Twain happened to be a hero in this
regard. He said, "The great advantage of a hotel is that it's a
great refuge from home life". Another dark aspect of it is being
greeted at travel websites by the rigid facade of immediately
marshaling you to instantly plug in.. without any colorful, tactful,
humane, morale-uplifting considerations or introductions.. through the
frozen recipe of: enter Number of rooms? Number of persons? Exact hour
of arrival.

And that historic great standard admonition: Exact hour of check out
time! Demolishing for good, the concept of cordial hospitality.. long
dead now and buried, prayers to its soul.. as if you are non-entity
and fit to be thrown out to the stray dogs roaming in the streets!

Also, as a resemblence of living without a heart.. for that simple,
civilized and really compulsory requirement, that almost costs nothing,
as (the internet).. you have to, through arm-twisting pay savagely,
and highly exorbitant dollars through the nose! As if you have not yet
juiced your dwindling resources.. just to inflate their ill-gotten, in
terms of pr scores.. and overflowing coffers out of your hard earned
cash. Shame on you, dudes!

And while on the subject.. step aside Warren Buffett and Bill Gates,
and the rest of billionaires - stampeding in the pr wrong direction..
I'm about to say: Hats off for you.. the giant Starbuck.. you're the
greatest and undisputed heavyweight world champion in my books, no
less! Can anyone locate their shares, and I will gladly throw in
all my savings!

It is the story of the lucky one, whose words match his deeds, living
sanely his earth day, life's brief sojourn.. who can think like a man,
or when unable to think like a man, knows his limits. The road is
absolutely straight, open and permitting for all to prove their worth
in qualifying fit for hard to arrive at values, and sticklers for them.

This is just one aspect I strongly felt worth sharing with you, among
more.. really bright, colorful, zapping, and uplifting for anyone
triumphantly embarking on spirit-lifting travel. Feel free if you like
to explore the site yourself here.